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Month: July 2018

The garbage we carry!

Most of us suffer from incidents in the past. Some suffer from horrific abuses and continue to suffer from those memories today. When I review my past, the incidents I still remember and angry about are so minute, they would barely register on an incident scale, if such a scale existed. Having turned 50 recently, it’s big time I draw a line on these and move on. Obviously one needs to be stronger from the lessons learned and treat those individuals who impacted your life accordingly. But it’s time to move forward.. Just saw someone post the following and thought…

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Life begins at 50!

It’s no secret, I turned 50 today and reached the mid point of my life. Instead of talking about under achievements and regret, I want to look forward to the future. But first I want to capture the day. If it’s not written, it did not happen My memory isn’t my greatest asset. And it’s bound to get worse. I believe strongly that if it’s not written, it would be damn hard to remember. Hence writing this post in the first place. Bite-size wisdom: If you are a tech entrepreneur, a founder or a CEO, for god’s sake, write down…

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