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Planting Seeds Publicly

I like planting seeds publicly and see where it might take us.

Today, my focus is to develop Techcelerate into helping Tech Founders grow their Tech (scalable product with recurring revenues) Companies until exit. We’ve actually achieved very little of what I set up to do, but have evolved as we engage with tech founders.

I’ve now structured what we offer into Data + Network + Growth & Investment Advisory

But two things happened this week which got my brain on fire.

I was offered shares in a startup and I started discussions of acquiring a distressed but awesome tech product I love. I know that if we continue in our current trajectory, we would eventually have Techcelerate Fund in a few years time.

But I feel Techcelerate Acquisitions (buy, build and sell in 18 to 24 months) could happen earlier.

As a strategist, I would not advise anyone to branch out before one gain traction in a particular market. Yet, the appeal is very strong.

Just planting this out there, so hopefully, the wisdom of the crowd might help to bring some level of sanity to my head (yes, the brain).