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Growth of your startups post exit

There is nothing better than watching your attempts being nurtured under new management and ownership. In August 2013, GP Bullhound acquired Northern Tech Awards, which has become the key annual tech event of the North. Since the acquisition, it has toured Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and expect to hit Edinburgh in 2018. It’s an amazing event to celebrate best of northern tech companies. Since starting Venture 9, we have become a partner of GP Bullhound, in our efforts to help tech companies find growth capital, as well as explore mergers and acquisitions. In March 2015, Accusoft acquired, which has grown significantly…

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Winners of Nesta £50k #PSD2 Grant application

Winners: Beyond Labs – Real-time, collaborative budgeting Handle by Bizfitech – SME credit assistance Bud Financial – Financial management app Coconut Banking –  The “bank” for freelancers Credit Data Research Ltd – Credit Scoring for SMEs DueDil – Due diligence for private firms – Business loan comparison Fractal Labs – Automated financial assistant for businesses Fluidly – Cashflow management Funding Options – Business lender comparison Funding Xchange – Business lender comparison Growth Street – Overdrafts for businesses Investly – Cashflow help from investors Iwoca Limited – Credit for small businesses Ormsby Street – Data tips for businesses Runpath –…

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UK Challenger Banks for Personal and Business Accounts

I continue to keep an eye on the growth of UK’s challenger banks due to two reasons: For my own interest as a human and a director of multiple companies. At UnifiedVU, we want to unify your financial and payment worlds including risk and governance. So here is a quick summary of current status: 1. Tide Bank Offers a business account for one user on one device. According to CEO, George Bevis, his team is in the process of building functionality to support multiple devices and multi users. Hope this extends to supporting multiple accounts on the same device.    …

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Key Tech Entrepreneur events in Manchester

Why do you attend Tech Entrerpreneur events in Manchester? What are the regular events one must attend as a tech entrepreneur? Bit of a rant get your coffee/beer first.. For me there are four reasons: Access to finance – find new investors, especially those who are from out of town. Good to meet same folks over and over, but you need those rare individuals you cannot be accessed easily. Plus deal makers. Access to markets – potential users, customers and channel partners as well as those who could introduce others to you. Access to knowledge – learn something new (how…

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How to turn a simple idea into a technology company

My next gig is at Manchester Business School on 2nd September 2016. Areas covered: The journey from post MBA to today – failures and wins. How UnifiedVU started, and the thinking behind it. Starting place: Will power + Framework + Vision. Turning the idea into a product, business,  attract customers, partners and continuous validation. Frameworks: Five stages of a startup The ten segments Bit about me: After spending well over a decade in engineering consultancy working for two global businesses, both in the UK and the Middle East, Manoj completed his Executive MBA at MBS in 2004, joining a tech startup as…

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8 questions I must know the answers to

Here I am wondering on a Sunday afternoon after a bike ride with Paul whether I have compelling answers to following 8 questions: Is the product ready? What is the product? What benefits does the product bring? Is it compelling enough for customers to pay for? Having tried the product, will customers continue to pay? What else could they spend money on instead buying from us, i.e. what other choices the customers have (alternatives and competitors)? How do you convince customers that my product will solve their problem better than anyone else could? What if they do not know they have the problem we…

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edocr exit party – thank you Manchester

Atlas Bar – all ready and waiting for my guests, the misfits As you probably heard, was acquired by Accusoft, Inc in March 2015. Over the years, many friends helped me to setup, launch and keep it growing, especially during the hard times. As a way of saying thank you to them, I held a party on 21st April 2015 at the Atlas Bar, Deansgate, Manchester. We were blessed with the hottest day of the year (so far), and my guests enjoyed a Spring BBQ. As Techcelerate was shut down in early 2013, it was the first time most…

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edocr Ltd renamed to Venture 9 Ltd

Just a quick announcement to state that from today onwards, edocr Ltd will be Venture 9 Ltd. This change was initiated as Accusoft holds all rights to edocr name. There are no plans for Venture 9 going forward other than to shut it down at some point in the next 12 months. Resources: Memorable quotes on my second exit Coverage of my second exit, edocr to Accusoft

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You are never too old to change your life around

I consider myself a bit of a wimp when it comes to sports, e.g. I would never dare bungee jump. Growing up, the only certificate I won was for handwriting when my friends played rugby, cricket, etc for school and clubs. Whilst working, I won a cricket award when my employer’s team (Merz and McLellan) got promoted to the next division. Whilst I scored few runs and even got few wickets, I was never that good at cricket. I’ve played Badminton and Squash for fun, but never really competed. When I turned 46 last year, I took on cycling, after taking…

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Coverage of my second exit, edocr to Accusoft

What better place to capture coverage of acquisition of edocr by Accusoft than my own blog. Here comes the list: Accusoft Acquires Document Sharing Platform edocr In All Cash Deal, Mike Butcher, Techcrunch (UK) Accusoft Acquires Edocr, Team Moves on to UnifiedVU, (Sri Lanka) Accusoft acquires Manchester – based edocr as Manoj Ranaweera exits after eight years, Prolific North (UK) Business document sharing platform acquired, Northwest Insider (UK) Accusoft Announces the Acquisition of, Businesswire (USA) True Grit: A Company Struggling To Make Profit Wins, Echelon (Sri Lanka) Accusoft acquires, LMD (Sri Lanka)

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