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Category: Opportunities

I am selling myself to the highest daily bidder in June #ManojRanaweera

As you probably have noticed before, I have hit some difficulties. Whilst some have advised me to give up on my entrepreneurial adventures, my instincts tell me that if I stay true to my course, everything will be all right at the end. This does not however address my current predicament. Whilst “selling myself” started as a joke, I worked out how to execute it whilst cycling (it’s sunny in Manchester these days) #NoMoreWhatIf. And here I am writing about it. In case this is the first time you come across me, here is a quick bio. I have been a Tech…

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Emotional Day!

Just got back home from two days of discussing strategy and commercialisation of Livestax with the full team and facilitators. We covered an amazing amount of work, got to know the strengths and weaknesses of the team much better than ever before. It has taken over 3 years since Phil Brown of Causeway Technologies and Ross Alderson of Powershift Media came up with the concept. We are finally getting closer to the public release of V2 of Livestax (V1 was launched inside Causeway in Jan 2014). It was also an emotional day as I requested to become a partner to Livestax…

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Idea for a new Service? UniversalGroups!

Most applications, whether they are designed for the web, smart phone or tablet, or for consumers or businesses have the ability to create groups. Groups are an effective and universally understood way to manage lists of contacts.  But they are becoming a pain in the back side to administer, as you need to repeat the same across your favourite web applications. What if there is an app which could be used across web applications that simplify this nightmare? Commenting Few years ago, commenting on blog posts was a nightmare. This was simplified by services such as Disqus and Livefyre. These services…

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