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Category: Tips

Gaining 10,000 views on Linkedin in 4 days

Once I managed to gain over 200,000 views over a 4 week period. Since then I have not achieved anything of such significance. The above simple post started to gain traction on the first day. So I spent a bit more effort to see whether I can drive it to reach 10,000 views. It took me 4 days, but gladly to see that it is not impossible to achieve such. Steps I took: Responded to comments.Spoke to others about it.When around 5,000 views, wrote an extensive post and linked back.Spoke to more.

Death by email? Say NO!

How often do you hear of colleagues moaning about the size of their inbox? Today, I heard a similar issue from a colleague who is having more than 300 emails in their inbox. I remember the days when I used to receive more than 300 emails a day. These days, my inbox is less than 10. And I do have multiple email accounts. Here is how I managed to reduce my emails and maintain these levels for well over a year: First of all you cannot start the process until you clear the backlog. I suggest the following steps to…