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What am I doing now

Updated: 2020-01-08

This is my now page inspired by Derek Sivers.

My workload – feel free 2 butts in if you see anything you like

1. main business – need more tech startups & partners. Focus areas #HealthTech #FinTech #SaaS Techcelerate

2. 1st product. Intelligence 4 tech founders & investors. Trying 2 relaunch on 20th. Team is adding data, refining & enriching. Trying 2 get #RSS and #Twitter Apps from UnifiedVU working. working very well. Deal Lite

3. 2nd product. Free talent. Many tech issues 2 sort out SkilledUp Life need a lot more folks 2 volunteer & help tech startups. I’ve added several opportunities.

4. xxxx. Product killed by a large UK tech company. Just obtained the codebase. Trying 2 launch before the end of the month. 1st time on Azure but might move 2 familiar AWS if they refuse 2 give me credits.

5. Need 2 setup a pre-seed fund. Tech founders (current/past) injecting £25k each. Investing in Techcelerate companies only.

6. Generate sales 4 Techcelerate tech companies

7. InnovateUK work

8. Resurrect start with #Mailchimp

9. Raising investment for 1 Techcelerate company

Want 2 chat best 2 email me 1st about what u like 2 discuss.