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3 Types of friends you have

As I fight through the mess I’ve created myself, there have been occasions where I had to ask for real help from my friends. Whilst I hold no grudge against them for their responses, I’ve come to realise that they can easily be segmented into three types, these being: Friends who can help but won’t for reasons only known to them. These are the guys who sit on the sideline and watch. Friends who are happy to provide encouraging words. Whilst positive energy is vital, sometimes this just isn’t enough. Friends who would go the extra mile. This also raises a…

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Review of #SageSummit 2017 London

I had a great time attending #SageSummit 2017 in London on 6th April 2017. Whilst it’s nothing like’s annual pilgrimage to the capital city of the UK, it was nevertheless a great opportunity for the Sage’s ecosystem to come together. General Observation Whilst I have known Sage since I entered the #Fintech world with my first tech startup, ebdex (2004 to 2006), this was the second time I attended a Sage conference (almost forgot the first time, which was in Manchester). The exhibition hall was well arranged and was beaming with participants. It was held at ExCeL London where all major…

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#ManojRanaweera is looking for a job

Change is good. Change nourishes your mind. It takes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you to function in less familiar surroundings. So they say… Background It all started at the back-end of 2014 when I left Livestax and Causeway with the blessings of Phil Brown, the majority shareholder and then CEO of Causeway and Livestax to setup UnifiedVU with the aim of commercialising the framework built by Livestax. At the same time, Accusoft approached me to acquire edocr, which meant the journey of UnifiedVU only really started formally on the 1st of July 2015. Since then we have explored many ways…

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What’s up with #GoSquared, a User Review?

Whilst visiting Hector Kolonas’ latest creation Co-Working Jobs, I noticed that he was using GoSquared for Chatting with web visitors. As I love trialling different chat services, thought of switching from Tawk to GoSquared. Turning Off Tawk This is easy, you just disable the widget from WordPress Admin panel. Installing GoSquared These days, its mandatory to have a Segment integration before I trial any service such as GoSquared. Create a GoSquared account. Make sure you have Segment installed in WordPress (which I had to). During the setup, click on Segment integration from GoSquared, select the applicable Workspace from Segment and follow the…

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The life of tech entrepreneur, Chris Leigh

Stuart Scott-Goldstone and I paid our last respects yesterday to fellow Manchester Business School (MBS) MBA Alum and Greater Manchester tech entrepreneur Chris Leigh, after he took his life just over a week before Christmas. The funeral was also attended by current and past Sci-Tech Daresbury community including John Leake, Paul Treloar, Robert Wakeling (Wadaro), Michael Thomas (Peak42), John McGuire (ex-FreshTL) and Angus Matheson (ex-FreshTL). According to Samaritans, men between 45 to 59 years are the most vulnerable to suicides in the UK and Republic of Ireland. When Chris took his life, he was 48 years old (same age as me). About…

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My 2017 Plan

Unlike the 2016 plan, my 2017 plan has multi-focus. In 2016, it was about singular focus. In 2017, this will change to: UnifiedVU – Continue to build the company. Venture 9 – Advisory and consultancy services to software development delivered not just by me, but bringing specific talent from my close network.

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Taming Microsoft when you return from Google after 8 years

Thanks to Mark Deakin, we made a decision to start supporting Microsoft (credit also goes to James Akrigg who spent few hours with me early this year. Then the timing wasn’t right for us to act). But returning to Microsoft has not been plain sailing. This post is very much a place to capture how I am navigating through the various hurdles thrown at me. To start with, I seem to have multiple accounts using the same email address. One seem to be called personal, another work and who knows, there could be more. Secondly, there is no real single sign…

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Influential Players of Manchester Tech Startup Ecosystem

I just met a chap from Glasgow and spent two hours talking about the Manchester tech ecosystem. He is keen to get to know others, so here goes a list of players, in no particular order and how the tech ecosystem in Manchester was developed.   Before we get going, I have not included tech entrepreneurs and others unless they are involved in the community development. Usually this means running tech entrepreneur events or involved in activities other than simply building their own companies.   From 2,300 strong Techcelerate Community Richard Gregory – Head of TechNorth Martin Bryant – Part of…

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Profound location for content placement like no other

Today, we are all marketers and salesmen. This is specially true if you work for yourself or a startup. As we all become content generators, getting your target market’s attention to your messages become even more competitive. I have been a fan of Pocket, which allows you to easily save links of importance through a browser plugin. Their latest implementation means that the stories they promote, become the first read before you visit any of other famous news outlets, such as Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter.     This suddenly increases the influence Pocket has on content creators and advertisers. Given that…

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