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Speaking Gigs & Interviews

Last update: 2018-02-25



Judging competitions


  • 2019: Manchester Business School
  • 3rd Feb 2018 (Manchester, UK) – University of Manchester. Malaysian Student Entrepreneurship Event. Pictures
  • 10th Jan 2018 (Colombo, Sri Lanka) – StartupX Foundry. Exploring the current state of Sri Lankan tech ecosystem. Readme.
  • 2nd September 2016 (Manchester, UK) – Manchester Business School, North West Alumni Group, How to turn a simple idea into a technology company
  • 30th July 2015 (Colombo, Sri Lanka) – Spike Colombo Sri Lanka
  • 29th April 2015 (Manchester, UK) – Manchester #Cloud Business Meet-Up: Cloud to Personal Productivity – Friend or Foe?
  • 28th August 2014 (Salford, UK) Salford University: Innovate or Perish – Sustaining innovation vs disruptive innovation [Slides]
  • 20th May 2014 (London, UK) EuroCloud: The System Integration (SI) is dead – Long live SI [Slides]
  • 3rd May 2014 (Manchester, UK) – Incubating a Startup inside a mature company [Slides]
  • 8th April 2014 (Manchester, UK) EuroCloud: Cloud Washing and Intimate Learnings of running SaaS tech Startups [Slides]
  • 3rd March 2014 (Colombo, Sri Lanka) – Startup Lessons Learned – Building of Sri Lankan Tech Ecosystem [slides]
  • 10th July 2013 (Liverpool, UK) – Venture Capital funding in the North West [Slides]
  • xxx (Manchester, UK) Manchester business school….with Sandy, et al
  • xxx (Manchester, UK) Manchester business school….students..
  • xxx (Manchester, UK) North West Insider Roundtable discussion
  • xxx (Manchester, UK) North West Insider Roundtable discussion
  • xxx (Leeds, UK) Barcamp
  • xxx (Manchester, UK) Barcamp