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Month: September 2006

England’s North West – The Place to be

Now imagine the followings: a place with a bigger economy than Denmark or Finland. has a population to be the 12th biggest state in USA. place where 75% of the UK’s top companies are based in place where over 100 of Fortune 500 companies are located produces 10.5% of UK GDP 8 universities 50,000 graduates a year You may asked, where could that be? This is the North West of England, where ebdex is proud to be based! Technorati Tags: NWDA

Statistics on invoicing

I received the following e-mail today from a competitor, which made me smile! Did you know? – The average time to process an invoice takes 27 days– 12-14% of billing is believed to contain errors– Missing bills lead to added costs and late payment penalties According to recent research conducted, companies still receive over 80% paper invoices and entering those invoices manually is prone to delay and error. I will also share some further statistics I have later on. Technorati Tags: e-invoicing, EIPP, invoice

Indian delegation is expected at Daresbury Innovation Centre tomorrow

It seems that an Indian Delegation will be visiting us tomorrow.  Paul Treloar (above) who runs the Daresbury Innovation Centre has kindly invited me to meet them, which unfortunately clashes with another appointment. Most of these companies are looking for buyers and channel partners and interested in forming strategic alliances. It would be interesting to hear their thoughts on automating exchange of structured documents between companies. I was first introduced to Paul in June 05, when I presented ebdex to Rising Star for funding, well before the first line of code was written. Paul willingly gave me a guided tour.…

Getting closer to your customer – A Key Differentiator

Yesterday, Mark and I visited a company to introduce ebdex Document Exchange. The company is a subsidiary of a FTSE250 plc with revenues of over £12m and 100 staff with number of city based offices operating predominantly in the UK. They operate in a growing sector with number of large incumbents. Whilst they have a large parent (over £700 m revenues), they operate as an independent, whilst their incumbents are small subsidiaries of very large corporations (almost institutions). The company has achieved significant growth over the last couple of years. One of the things their CEO said stayed in my…

Start/Trial with web solution and then integrate your system to maximise benefit

ebdex Document Exchange can be used in two ways, these being: Web based stand alone solution Integrated solution with your accounting/ERP/CRM solution Most companies will start or trial with web based solution before integrating with their systems for receiving the maximum benefit. Web based stand alone solution Available 24/7 from anywhere in the world – only needs are a web browser, an Internet connection and active account with ebdex Document Exchange. Use web template to create a Structured Document such as an invoice (which can be saved in Word, Excel or pdf formats). Select recipient from the list of Trading…