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Partnering – a key difference between ebdex and its competitors

What came out clearly from my discussions with heads of our competitors is that ebdex is clearly very ambitious when it comes to partnering. ebdex’s strategy is to excel in three areas, these being:

  • Understand the market better than anyone else
  • Deliver a service better than anyone else
  • In this process, manage an extensive partner network from product development, sales to operations with later addition of customer service

The only significant movement I have seen within our competition is the development of hub alliance by Causeway Technologies, Burns e-Commerce and Asite. Well done guys. I know that hub alliance continues to receive enquiries about linking with other hubs, this is only to be encouraged. However, one company has refused to join due to their position in the industry which can only be seen as damaging to the spirit of co-operation and bringing the maximum benefits to customers.

Do you know of any other similar initiatives? If so please do share.

 [Note to myself – blog about future possibility of collusion]

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