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Introducing Deskcom – A French EIPP Player

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Deskom is another innovative electronic document exchange, allowing seamless exchange of structured documents between Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Deskom has further developed their solution to include invoice factoring module, assisting with supplier working capital management. Advanced functionality provided includes validation of documents, document matching, on-line payments and on-line factoring. In addition, it has a facility to scan and index paper documents as well as print using outsource partners (a hybrid model)

Pasrel API allows users to configure various steps and sequences in the document exchange process (work flow).

Customers include GMAC Commercial Finance, the users of the on-line discounting module. Deskom has a special relationship with SAP France, in which, SAP France has chosen Deskom as their preferred e-invoicing solution provider for France. In 2003, Deskom announced the opening of a UK office. However, I cannot find current UK address on their web site. So it seems they only have a office in France. It would be interesting to find out their growth strategy, given single operation centre. Their web site certainly could do with a new face lift!

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