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Paystream Advisors # 2 – Launch of Paystream Voices

Paystream Advisors + Manoj & other Bloggers => Paystream Voices

Since my initial discussions with Henry Ijams of Paystream Advisors, William Donavan has put together an excellent blog, now known as Paystream Voices. A great name for a great concept. Henry has also brought in all his analysts to blog in addition to inviting me as a guest blogger. Paystream identify its blog as:

The online community for financial operations technology & automation

According to Will, the blog is beginning to attract 100 visitors a day. It took me ages to achieve this number of visitors. Well done – I’m jealous. So, here is a copy of my first post on PaystreamVoices:

EIPP, SCF and Blogging – Rocking with Paystream!

Since my entry into EIPP space 3 years ago, I have collected a vast number of documents on EIPP and related subjects (one reason for edocr). Among these were white papers and analyst reports produced by Paystream Advisors, which I found very informative especially with respect to understanding the US market. Over the years, I have come to respect Henry Ijams and his fellow analysts over their deep understanding of the Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP ) and Supply Chain Finance (SCF). So can you imagine how delighted I was when Mitch Baxter of Transcepta asked whether I would like a personal introduction to Henry Ijams?

My first encounter with Henry took place less than 2 months ago and it became very clear to both of us that it made sense for us to work together. Henry was very interested in my blogging activities and the result is what you now know as paystreamvoices. Blogging allows Paystream to move from traditional analysis environment to new territory, not so much in terms of extending the services offered or markets and industries covered, but giving interactivity to what they do best. This should result in extending the loyal readership Paystream already has. I am a great believer that every corporate marketing strategy must include blogging as a mandatory component. If your’s does not, talk to me. A great example is Sun Microsystems.

I must thank William Donavan for his superb introduction, most of which I do not deserve. Will and I correspond on regular basis these days. Blogging helped me to establish myself as someone who has an understanding of the EIPP and SCF, as well as an entrepreneur. It also resulted in establishment of number of partnerships in early days for ebdex, notably with Pegasus. Blogging breaks corporate barriers – make it easy to do business. Bloggers also need to understand the impact their work has on others, both at corporate level and individual level (will address this through a separate post either here or at my place).

I see my role here as bringing awareness of the European EIPP and SCF to Paystream readership. I think you will also find my style of writing is different from Paystream, less structured and more opinionated. I hope you can forgive me for being less professional, after all I am a blogger trying to become an analyst. In conclusion, I am delighted to be part of the Paystream blogging family. 

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