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New ebdex web site – first cut

I have been developing a new web site for ebdex over the last few weeks and believe that I finally have a foundation from which it could be further developed and refined, almost on a continuous basis. The old web site was built without a Content Management System (CMS). This time, I am using Drupal, thanks to the guidance of Ixis boys, Mike and Chris, who are also hosting this web site, my blog and NW StartUp 2.0 site. Here is a snap shot of web pages:

  • Home – Picture was taken by Gary Turner, ex-CEO of Pegasus. I plan to use other pictures taken by Gary over time. Gary has become an accomplished amateur photographer. His work is showcased on Flickr.
  • Consulting – three services: Corporate advisory, Vendor advisory and Business advisory
  • Analysis – Vendor and Market
  • Vendor Base – EIPP and SCF Vendors – very early cut
  • Clients – need further elaboration of the work I did for Causeway’s Tradex plus need lots of new clients.
  • Partners – current discussions with Paystream Advisors
  • Events – NW StartUp 2.0, OpenCoffee Manchester, mashup* Manchester and an invoicing seminar I plan to organise next year
  • About Us – need to develop the team
  • Blog – few posts from my blog
  • Forum – For interaction
  • Contact Us

The design is not up to scratch. Do let me know what you think, though? It is only fair that you criticise my site, as I comment on others. Watch the space for review of OB10’s web site. Can’t wait to see their new advert, which I had a preview of in B&W.

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