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OpenCoffee Manchester – 6th Event

OpenCoffee Manchester 6th event took place yesterday at the usual venue. Here are three stories:

  1. Paul Robinson of Vagueware – Paul has been developing Vagueware for number of months (feel like years) whilst competition is getting products out to the market. After much debate, I hope I convinced Paul to release Vagueware, which will now be available from 1st October 2007. It’s an idea bank without the strict conditions attached to many such services. It’s free – it’s fluid – it’s simple – it’s no brainer. In fact, can be used as a brain dump and allow the social network to interact with your thoughts – the ideas – to form products and businesses. Paul is more interested in products than businesses, so Vagueware can begin to differentiate as almost all services of such are commercially driven including Project Sahara.
  2. David Hawdale (Hawdale Associates) – David will be launching a new business in Q1 08 based on an idea discussed at the very first OpenCoffee Manchester, a social networking spin on freecycling, if I remember correctly.
  3. Roderrick Kennedy of Simul – I met Rod first time at OpenCoffee Liverpool held at Daresbury Innovation Centre last week. Since then, this was the third time I met him. Rod is into simulations and games, recently exiting from Evolution Studios which was sold to Sony last week. He has retained the IPR, which has since then transferred to Simul. He is looking for an office, a team and starting to develop his prototype into a commercial product. I spoke to him about changing the model to offer it as a Software-as-a-Service model if its all possible. We also discussed how to write a business plan and what it needs to contain and the thinking process that needs to go into produce such a vital document. Rod has also created a sensation at Daresbury Innovation Centre, especially with Paul Treloar and RealTimeRace.


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