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24×7 support from Emanio

To any business, customer loyalty is paramount for continuing growth and success, as it is now well proven that biggest revenue contributer and even more importantly greater profits on average comes from existing customers than new customers. Given the instant action demand culture created by the Internet, with increasing ease at which multiple teams from many time zones can function extremely well together through services such as Yuuguu, why has it that service providers such as Emanio has taken so long to offer 24×7 coverage?

What is also compelling is that XML has not killed EDI as once expected. Whilst it is no brainer for new startups to offer XML based technologies with ability to support EDI messages, the EDI incumbents are finding new ways to combat the potential threat. As the e-invoicing and data exchange products become more and more mainstream with increasing customer awareness leading to sector growth, EDI and data capture solutions will continue to grow on the back of the sector growth. As I said before, more and more companies are going for step changes rather than big bang approach, combining solutions that offer quick methods to address corporate pains – how to reduce paper – how to increase operational efficiency whilst achieving cost benefits at the same time. So the competitor to EDI, XML or any other similar technology in true sense still remains to be paper – PAPER IS KING.

Emanio has a section on EDI, which I recommend anyone new to EDI to get their teeth into. Emanio customer service web site is much more in tune with recent design layouts than the corporate site. Perhaps putting my point into action – treat existing customers well!

Emanio’s blog is bit of a joke as last post is dated 22 March 07 – seems like something they put together in a hurry without full understanding of how to leverage blogging for greater leads generation. Perhaps I need an account to access more relevant blog posts. Site needs testing as there are significant CSS/layout problems. This is my first look at Emanio, which has been limited to few minutes. The key reason I covered Emanio is that their PR approached ebdex, and I was curious as it was the first time I came across the company. And I was designing the template for ebdexNewsCast, so it was a good opportunity to get the news release published on edocr. They do not seem to have operations in the UK.

Let me know if anyone is interested in knowing more about Emanio.

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