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edocr at StartUp Camp 2008


edocr plans to attend the StartUp Camp on 7th and 8th March sponsored by Sun Microsystems, and co-hosted by: salesforcelogo.gifnavisitelogo90px.gifgooglelogo80px.gif

This is our first time at a StartUp Camp. According to event organisers:

“Startup Camp is an unconference which means you get to decide what the session content is. If you’re thinking of coming to Startup Camp London and want to suggest some discussion topics, you’re welcome to list them on a special page that we’ve set aside on the wiki for such discussion proposals”

So far, over 130 individuals have registered for the event. Some of these include Northerners:

Having spend over 3 yrs in the digital startup segment, I am hoping that I would get a time slot to share my experience and learn from others. I expect to cover the following areas:

  • Soft launching a digital startup under £1000 cash investment
  • Document interactivity portal – 3 applications from Knowledge Exchange, Marketing Communications Channel for Lead Generation, Event Collaboration
  • Learning from catastrophic stupidity
  • Not putting all eggs in the same basket
  • Is success guaranteed this time? Hell, yes!

As a media partner, edocr has also provided a special interest group (SIG) to capture the conversation through documents (slide packs, press releases, product info, white papers, case studies, etc) and forum. This is a pilot we are running with Sun Microsystems to demonstrate the benefit edocr could bring to event organisers.

If you are an event organiser, why not get in touch to explore how you could add value to your event and differentiate from the crowd?

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