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Online Seminar: Unleash New P-Card Potential with Order-to-Pay

JPMorgan Chase

If you wish to register for above seminar conducted by JP Morgan Chase on 19th June 2008, please click here. Here is the synopsis of the seminar:

Traditional purchasing card programs have focused on low-dollar purchases with limited approval requirements and transactions initiated by suppliers. Today, next generation card settlement programs are available to replace paper check settlement for accounts payable spend. These card-based settlement solutions lay the foundation for transforming your entire payables process with far-reaching operational and discount savings.
In this free online seminar, James Tucker, JPMorgan Xign vice president and product director, will explain how you can:

  • increase rebates by converting mid- to high-dollar paper check payments with a card-based settlement solution
  • automate and streamline your entire payables process from PO delivery to invoice approval to payment
  • capture significant early payment discounts with five times the savings potential of invoice automation alone

This online seminar will also discuss how you can leverage the tens of thousands of suppliers already transacting in the JPMorgan Business Settlement Network to achieve rapid results and value.

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