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Sales leads – new revenues for you!

It probably does not come as a surprise to those who are misfortunate enough to follow my tweets, that we, at have embarked on a major programme to deliver real measurable value to an existing asset you have, but probably was never trully aware of its full potential until now. Yes! we are speaking about the documents (pdfs) you produce daily, weekly, monthly and/or annually to communicate with prospects, customers, suppliers, shareholders, government, authorities, and anyone else that you need to communicate with, without dilvulging confidential information.

Among these documents are the traditional sales and marketing collateral, but there are other documents produced for operational and regulatory or any other purpose that could equally be applied in the right environment to generate interest that will lead to new prospects for your products and services.

Ask yourself these few questions:

  1. Do you see sales and marketing collateral, as well as operational and regulatory and similar documents as a cost? What if this could be reversed? Documents becoming a profit centre instead of a cost centre contributor?
  2. Do you know how many documents you have produced over the last 5 years for external consumption? Do you know how many of these are available in your web folders, but no one can trully find them through navigating your website. You might be startled with the true figure!
  3. Any ideas about the cost of above? Any ideas of how much revenues you generated as a result of your spend in documents? You may have never wondered about ROI, but shouldn’t that be an interesting figure to talk about?

Without diverting too much from the topic, we at are on a mission to turn your costly documents (I am not referring to print costs, but the costs involved in producing them, mainly human resources) into revenues for your company.

As part of this, we have embarked on a major development programme to provide you sales leads from your existing document inventory. At present, we are preparing so that we can provide you a tool kit to extract data out of with user consent where required.

Integration Options

We believe our role should end with collecting sales leads and then handing over those leads to organisations which can add significant value further upstream. This is where and its ecosystem, App Exchange comes into play.

Given that is not the easiest product to integrate with, mainly due to their pricing strategy, we believe we have three options available for consideration:

  1. Traditional web-to-lead forms
  2. API, especially as is based on OAuth and now has OAuth capability
  3. App Exchange

Your Contribution

We must accept we are not experts of, but have the resources to implement the integration once we know damn well which one would work for us. I see two options:

  1. Integration with using our resources
  2. An app which will receive the leads from us, but left open for others to integrate to suit their needs, perhaps incorporating further value addition from partners

This is an exploratory article, asking your help in formalising the right option for us. We believe that there will be significant up sell opportunities for all who will get behind us in this venture. We are truly excited to be working with (especially you, Mr. Barker) and its ecosystem, who are well oiled on generating revenues.