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Value addition to any website #Website+

Almost every company on the planet now has a website to promote their business, whether you a one man band or a multinational company. Once you have a basic website with pages and posts, the job does not simply stop there. You can make your website work really hard for your business. Here is a list of things you might consider:

  1. Basic Web Analytics – displays number of visitors, page views, most popular pages, growth of these over different time periods and whole host of parameters.
  2. SEO – keywords that allow people to find you.
  3. Advanced analytics – identify who the visitors are, what pages they visited and more.
  4. Social Share – make it easy to share pages and posts with tracking
  5. Chat  – chat with the team, analytics, visitor identification and more.
  6. Pop ups to capture leads.
  7. Subscribe to blog.
  8. Phone us – phone analytics.
  9. Download/embed white papers – all the analytics and lead capture.
  10. Embed videos – tracking.
  11. Landing pages – special pages driving traffic and based around campaigns.
  12. Automation – sequence of emails to nurture those who fill forms, download documents, etc.
  13. Capture revisits and identify stage in buyer cycle, as well as if they are existing customers.
  14. Unify with rest of your business software.
  15. Heap Maps to improve design and engagement.
  16. A/B Testing to improve engagement.
  17. Personalisation so that what you see is aligned with your interests.
  18. Schedule a meeting, demo or a call.
  19. Claim your business on Google and others.
  20. Build basic G+ site to appear on right hand side next to search.
  21. Use webmaster tools to submit to index and use data highlighter to enhance your search results.
  22. Multi language support
  23. Content Delivery Network (CDN) support.
  24. Alerts when the site goes down

Please add in comments anything I’ve missed.
Contributors: Sam Sethi, James Blessing, Dennis Howlett, Tim Langley, Saadia Choudry, Simon Wharton.

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