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Networks of Manchester’s Tech Ecosystem

Once upon a time (2006 to 2013), Techcelerate pioneered in building the Manchester’s Tech Ecosystem, when public sector could not care less about scalable technology businesses. Today, it’s a different story. Both public as well as the private sectors have come together to build the ecosystem from where Techcelerate had left off. Referred to as Northern Startup 2.0 in 2006, a tech gathering supported by KPMG and initiated by TechCrunch grew into a network of 2,300 tech entrepreneurs, senior managers of tech companies, investors and deal-makers over a period of 7 years. Techcelerate ran over 100+ tech entrepreneur events with…

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Key Tech Entrepreneur events in Manchester

Why do you attend Tech Entrerpreneur events in Manchester? What are the regular events one must attend as a tech entrepreneur? Bit of a rant get your coffee/beer first.. For me there are four reasons: Access to finance – find new investors, especially those who are from out of town. Good to meet same folks over and over, but you need those rare individuals you cannot be accessed easily. Plus deal makers. Access to markets – potential users, customers and channel partners as well as those who could introduce others to you. Access to knowledge – learn something new (how…

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Alternative perspective on developing the tech ecosystem of Manchester

Today, we are obsessed with turning Manchester into a thriving tech city, whether its adoption of technology or creating new technology startups. We even have folks who are championing Manchester to become the 5th largest tech city in Europe #MCRTop5. This is all credit to Doug Ward (worthy of a dedicated blog post) and his merry men. But this aspiration is not unique to Manchester. As tech has become so sexy, every major city aspires to become the next Silicon Valley. Unfortunately, they all fail as Silicon Valley is unique and cannot be replicated for many reasons. During the heyday of…

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