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Strange request from a reader – Do I work for Ariba?

I do not want to allienate this person, but I received the most strange request from an employee of Deloitte yesterday. Here it is….perhaps someone can help her (if you e-mail me on [email protected], I will forward it to her).

I am a regular reader of your blogs. Hope you can help with my urgent query or guide me to someone to answer my query.
If a company maintains its suppliers and contrats in ARIBA and wants to raise PO in Oracle/iProcurement, is there any tools/adaptors to integrate the two offerrings?

Unfortunately, I could not help her, as mmh, I do not work for Ariba and I happened to be competitor…I can only think of Jason Busch, who is an advocate of Ariba. May I suggest you visit his excellent site..spend matters. And there is also Justin Sully

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