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Exploring ebdex Consultancy further

Having commented on the ideal number of partners to start a business, taking one of my previous ideas further, ebdex Consulting would need three to four people to start with. Today, I believe I found the second partner (of course, the first partner being me!). I also found another Associate, who could easily be the third partner. Need to chat with him to ascertain this. But how do they measure against the skill sets I mentioned? And what skills am I bringing and what would be my role? All this needs further discussion and elaboration.

If we go ahead with ebdex Consulting as a separate entity, its structure might look like:

  1. Between 3 to 4 partners/directors – limited company would be the best form (need further advice)
  2. Significant number of Associates, not just from the UK.

Nothing is firmed up (just ideas at present), but if you are interested in the idea, and has the necessary skills, why not get in touch for a chat! I believe I have not said anything about what services we might offer. For the time being, let’s say its around document exchange transformation, financial transformation and business process optimisation.

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