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Technorati Rankings – in the top 100,000 for the first time

Here are the latest ranking details from Technorati. For the first time, this blog is in the top 100,000. I was monitoring the ranking regularly and whilst number of links and blogs have not really changed much, I believe the ranking improved due to increasing traffic. The only other explanation I can think of is that some of the blogs with higher rankings did badly and they were penalised by Technorati.  I started blogging in Apr 06, but moved to in July 06. At that point ranking zeroed. Not bad for six months work! It is time consuming, but very enjoyable.

Thank you to my frequent and infrequent readers, and for those who have linked to this blog. In terms of future, the blog will concentrate more on the industry than ebdex. I will attempt to critique reports published by Aberdeen Group, Forrester, etc, provided I can get my hands on them. I will also question the value propositions of many vendors (it’s great to have so many entering this space) as the market continue to be fragmented with different propositions.

I also appreciate if industry experts such as Andrew Bartels from Forrester and others drop in from time to time. I believe Rhys Jones of Accountis is a regular reader, however he is bit shy of sharing his thoughts. You run a great company Rhys, why not start blogging (by joining Susan) or start sharing your thoughts on this blog? On the positive side, my congratulations goes out to Accountis for incorporating a blog on thier new website. Others have started doing webinars, webcasts and podcasts but yet no blogs.

Please let me know your thoughts and any specific areas you would like me to comment on. Ivan and Dennis, I still need to respond to your queries/requests. Will do this over the next week or so.

Best regards to all, Manoj

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