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Bruno Koch – the man behind EXPP events

Bruno Koch has been providing consultancy services in addition to running EXPP events for the last 10 years. His company, Billentis offers advisory services to clients seeking EIPP and EBPP solutions, similar to my idea of forming ebdex Consultancy. Bruno has provided consultancy services to more than 100 customers from over 20 countries, a track record only to be congratulated. Bruno has done more to promote EIPP/e-invoicing solutions in Europe than anyone else I know.

The third EXPP summit will be held on 10th and 11th of September in the UK. The last summit which was held in Germany attracted more than 340 delegates from 25 countries. OB10 and Accountis are key supporters of these summits. I hope Bruno will consider lowering the fees to allow much larger participation.

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