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Citizendium from Co-founder of Wikipedia

Citizendium is a competing wiki to Wikipedia created by one of Wikipedia’s co-founders, Dr. Larry Sanger. My regular readers know how I feel about Wikipedia. So Citizendium once populated would hopefully be my first reference point. This is what Forrester has to say.

Josh Bernoff, a vice president at Forrester Research, said he sees a place for Citizendium on the social-media scene, and noted that corporations are extremely frustrated with Wikipedia’s policies. "Companies have had real challenges getting their perspective on the facts addressed in Wikipedia," he explained. "You can file a complaint but there is no real protection against inaccuracies." Although Bernoff said he is sure that no one would want to read on Citizendium only what companies want told, he said there is room for more balance. Bernoff, for one, is betting consumers will appreciate having a choice. Of course, that doesn’t mean Citizendium won’t have challenges of its own in separating fact from fiction. "If you try to develop another way to define the truth it’s also going to have flaws," he said. "There is no automatic truth algorithm in the world."

Watch out for my own Wiki! I am looking for a host at present. Does anyone has a preference for a particular platform? MediaWiki looks better than pbWiki.


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