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SAP SAPPHIRE 07 VIENNA Post 1 – Here I come

For some unknown reason, SAP is sponsoring me to attend their European gig, SAP SAPPHIRE 07 in Vienna from 14th to 16th of May 2007. I am no A-list blogger. In fact, since changing the URL, I have struggled to get into the top 200,000 of the world wide blogs tracked by Technorati.

So why did SAP invite me?

  1. Is this because Oracle was a partner of ebdex and SAP was not?
  2. Or is it because I registered on SAP enquiring about a possible partnership opportunity?
  3. Or is it because I am perhaps the only blogger ranting about e-invoicing, EIPP and document exchanges? There are few well known blogs on sourcing but not on my subject area, as far as I can figure out.

I am chuffed to join a pool of well known bloggers attending this event. Here is the list:

  1. Axel Angeli – The Mentors of the Service Oriented Architecture
  2. Craig CmehilCommunity Evangelist at SAP AG – Podcasting + live video
  3. Maggie Fox – Social Media Group
  4. James Governor – MonkChips
  5. Dennis Howlett – AccMan
  6. Thomas Otter – Vendorprisey
  7. Prashanth Rai – CIO Weblog
  8. Sigurd Rinde – Forthcoming
  9. David Terrar – Business Two Zero
  10. Charlie Wood – Moonwatcher
  11. Dale Vile – Freeform Dynamics Blog
  12. Manoj Ranaweera – Manoj Ranaweera EIPP Blog – oh that’s me!

Now, I must admit, I know Dennis Howlett and David Terrar very well and have met Sig once. Most of the others are new to me. These days, I do not get much time to visit other’s blogs let alone do blogging. I spent most of the time in Bourne End where Causeway Technologies is based at, and the Travel Inn I stays in has no access to the Internet. Nice excuse, hah!

I nicked following links from Craig’s blog. They should help you to track the event.

It will no doubt be a blast to attend this event. Will blog more once I had time to absorb the programme.

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