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SAP Biller Direct – a one-sided story

SAP’s answer to streamlining invoice processing within an enterprise is SAP Biller Direct application, which seems to be designed for mySAP ERP. It enables an organisation to submit invoices, receive invoices, make payments, manage accounts and settle and reconcile transactions through the web. Not sure whether there is a similar application for SAP R/3. If you know, please let me know.

I split the EIPP market into supplier-centric, buyer-centric, enterprise-centric and exchanges. Whilst exchanges deliver the maximum benefit and best Return on Investment (ROI) opportunities, solutions such as SAP Biller Direct also brings significant benefits to the organisation deploying the application. But it adds another level of complication to the organisations’ trading partners, if they do not have the ability to take SAP format directly into their application.

However, SAP Biller Direct can achieve maximum value when connected with organisation’s trading partners through an exchange, so therefore two solutions complementing each other, as was the case for SFS Services AG implementation (through PayNet).

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