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Causeway Technologies #7 – Time to move on!

My current contract with Causeway Technologies will soon come to an end. By then, I would have spent four months with Causeway’s Tradex, asking awkward questions and getting people out of the comfort zone. Tradex now has a tactical team as well as a strategic team. The tactical team is led by Dave Gilchrist, Managing Director of the BuildingRegister, whilst the strategic team is led by Phil Brown, CEO of Causeway with support coming from Tim Cole, R&D Director. Tradex is the brain child of Tim, and he was influential in securing the partnership with Lloyds TSB in earlier days. Tradex has an exciting time ahead with Dave’s telesales team kicking in to expedite trading partner roll outs. Sales effort will continue to be driven by Duncan Speight.

Hopefully, some of the partnerships I initiated would come to fruition in the near future. One thing I failed to achieve is to get the Tradex website up and running. It has taken significant resources, yet no closer to going live than when I started. Such a subjective exercise!

I wish the team the success they deserve!

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