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Sourcing Innovation – The Future of Sourcing

If you are interested in the future of sourcing and procurement technologies, tune in to Michael Lamoureux’s Sourcing Innovation on 6th September 2007 for the second annual Sourcing Innovation Series, which will run for 2 weeks. 

According to Michael:

One year ago today, the first post of the first annual Sourcing Innovation Series, which focused on the future of sourcing, hit the blog-sphere.  With cross posts from leading bloggers in the sourcing and procurement space like Jason Busch, Tim Minahan, David Bush, Dave Stephens, and Charles Dominick and from forward thinking professionals, which included Kevin Brooks, John Martin, and Doug Hudgeon (a former leading blogger in the space), the series was the first of a number of cross-blog series that turned out to be, in least in my view, a great success.

In the past, I have promised Michael of participation, but failed to deliver at the end. Rather than give false promises again, the best I can do is to let my readers know about the series, Which I have done here.

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