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edocr #1 – Alpha is out – Opening an Account

After much work, we managed to release edocr Alpha last Friday (with some known errors). If you wish to have an account open, there are two options you can follow:

  1. E-mail me at manoj [at] ranaweera [dot] name. Please bear in mind that I will be at ExPP Summit on Monday and Tuesday with meetings on Wednesday in London with very limited access to e-mails.
  2. Use Contact Us on edocr – perhaps the best option given above. And one of the team members will open an account for you.

In any case, we need your preferred username, password and e-mail address. Password can be changed upon first log in. Do make sure you tag your uploads accordingly with many relevant words as much as possible. Once we come out of Alpha, new users will be able to register online without our assistance.

You need to own your content (you must own copyright) or have permission from the content owner to upload.

Here is a teaser: an EIPP document from Accountis.

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