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Vagueware is finally live – an idea from Paul Robinson

Vagueware Logo

Paul Robinson, a keen OpenCoffee Manchester supporter has finally launched his new project, Vagueware, which is an idea bank. For what’s worth, I submitted one of my ideas to Vagueware today. In addition to my idea, there are three ideas from Paul to kick start the process, these being:

All ideas are public domain. All of us come up with ideas everyday. How often do we do anything about them? Here is the place to dump your ideas. Let the community comment and rank your ideas. Some of them might be interested in pursuing them with you. Others might provide the scrutiny you need. Some could help you find partners. The potentials are endless. Why not start dumping your ideas today?

Wish you all the best Paul – May your idea to come up with Vagueware be the king of all ideas!

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