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Basware #2 + Hub Alliance #3 – Basware joins Hub Alliance

Hub Alliance Logo      BasWare

It is good to hear that Basware has formally joined the Hub Alliance, increasing the member companies to six, which includes founding members Asite, Causeway Technologies and Burns e-Commerce from the UK in addition to more recent members CertiPost from Belgium and Liaison Technologies form the USA. During my assignment with Causeway Technologies, I undertook the obligation to bring Accountis on-board. Whilst there is significant interest from Accountis in principle, nothing positive has come out of it to date – which I must declare as a personal disappointment given my close links to Accountis’ Founder Rhys Jones – as well as knowing the most of their Executive Team.

It is my belief that an organisation such as Hub Alliance needs to open up to non EIPP hub operators – the key role should be market education in addition to promoting interoperability between hubs. At present, they see themselves as a closed unit of EIPP hubs. I actually think a vital opportunity has been lost. But I am glad to see the growth of the Members, in this case by one.

There are also competing organisations recently been formed in Europe with the same intentions in mind. Does this mean that there need to be a Super Alliance connecting all the Hub Alliances? It’s just crazy – why not join the Hub Alliance? This will certainly improve resource utilisation as well as market awareness.


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