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New dawn – Rocking with cool dude(s) – Meet Will


Folks, let me introduce my friend, Will Donovan, Communications and Marketing Director of Paystream Advisors, who has accepted my request of becoming a guest blogger. Will and I continue to have extensive discussions on many subjects from Middle East to Mobile EIPP since we came to know each other in July 07. Will has driven Paystream Advisors’ On-line Communications and Marketing Strategy through PaystreamVoices, which has now become an integral part of their corporate web site. Will has achieved remarkable success bringing not only me to blog on PaystreamVoices as a guest blogger, but also Shan Haq and Mitch Baxter from Transcepta. Will can be reached through here.

A graduate of the George Washington University, Will has traveled extensively throughout the Middle East and constantly looks to expand his skills in language and networking. He is also a poet and here is the proof:

Overtime, I expect the URL of this blog to change to, as the current URL has served its purpose. The design and layouts also require further improvements. I am also looking for other guest bloggers to join us, extending the conversation on e-procurement, sourcing and e-payments, in addition to EIPP.

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