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Calling all web developers….

Do you upload documents to your web sites? If so, would you like to liven your web site by showing the thumbnails instead of the less attractive pdf icon? Then, please follow the following simple instructions:

  1. Upload the document to edocr
  2. Copy and paste the “thumbnail for your site” code
  3. Enjoy

So, here is an example:

Code (copied)

<a href=”” class=”active”><img src=”” alt=”Navigating the Invoice Presentment and Payment Landscape” title=”Read the Navigating the Invoice Presentment and Payment Landscape document” /></a>


Navigating the Invoice Presentment and Payment Landscape

It cannot be any simpler than that. In addition, you get three for the effort of one.

  1. You could upload a .doc file and collect the .pdf from edocr – in this case, using edocr as a pdf writer
  2. edocr gives you much more publicity to your documents than your site most likely could (unless you are a large publisher of documents)
  3. All the interactivity

And there is no cost to you whatsoever other than the time effort, which should not take more than few minutes the most.

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