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Help me price my first analyst report on EIPP (e-invoicing)

I have been working on and off on an Analyst Report on OB10 independently. OB10 knows what I am doing but it is not sponsored by them, and therefore remains 100% independent. Most Analyst Reports are sponsored, and sometimes even co-written by the sponsors themselves, which guarantees immediate ROI for the Analyst. If the document is then sold, the subsequent revenues pretty much equals to profit, as distribution costs becomes negligible. The sponsorship can also lead to non critical analysis, whereby Analyst ending up supporting and praising the company covered. Is this what you want? The danger of critique is that the company may no longer corporate with Analyst. Both parties need each other. So can there really be 100% independence? I think it is very much possible.

What would you like to see in this report? At present, it’s a very comprehensive half finished report. It’s no point producing something no one wants. Do you see a benefit of buying such a report? Will it help you understand OB10 and the market better? Do you know enough of OB10 therefore not seen any point in spending money on an unproven analyst report? What do you think?

Secondly, how much are you willing to pay for such a report? Yes, I hear, it depends on quality. Until you read it, you would not know whether it’s a quality report or not unless I release a chapter, and therefore, you must make the necessary assumptions based on what you have read in this blog so far, and the opinions you have of me. Can you suggest what you are willing to pay for such report, please? I will not hold you against what you suggest. So far, I had two suggestions from £150 and £4,000.  

And I need bit more persuasion from you to finish this well before X’mas. And many thanks in anticipation of your responses.

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