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NW StartUp 2.0 DEMO + Mashup* Manchester is almost here

On 6th December 07, I will be hosting the NW StartUp 2.0 DEMO (inaugural event) and Mashup* Manchester (2nd event) back-to-back at a new venue, eOffice Manchester. As usual, the Mashup* Manchester is co-hosted by Simon Grice. Whilst the event date was chosen almost a month ago and initial web pages were setup sometime ago, the marketing of the event remains poor. We have also made registration complicated by asking prospective attendees to sign up on two web sites. I have now updated the NW StartUp 2.0 site to make reservations for both events. Why did I not do this at the beginning? The Mashup* Event site will be updated shortly to match the event details on NW StartUp 2.0 site.


After the success of NW StartUp 2.0 series of events, NW StartUp 2.0 DEMO is brought to you for the first time, giving you the opportunity to mingle with web 2.0 and technology startup companies in the North of England. Why not come and learn what it takes to bring a product to market. Find team members for your start up. Mingle with investors and deal makers. Learn from peers. Make it a night to remember.


Programme: 5pm to 9:15pm on 6th December 2007
Venue: eOffice Manchester, 1 Portland Street, Manchester, M1 3BE (click here for map)
Condition: NW StartUp 2.0 DEMO (free) + Mashup* Manchester (£25 to attend)

NW StartUp 2.0 DEMO – Pitching Companies

Mashup* Manchester – 2nd Event – Content 2.0

Music, video, TV, documents: The ways in which we all discover, access, watch and share content is fundamentally changing. In the birth place of modern music, Manchester, we will explore where these changes are leading us. With some very interesting recent acquisitions (, the Radiohead album, the TV Links case and more, we will bring together all of the North’s leading thinking (plus few Southerners) in the digital sector for an evening debate and few drinks. After the success of the 1st Mashup* Manchester we are opening up invites to everyone involved in the digital sector: agencies, marketing firms, PR and beyond. Come and join the debate – Mashup* Manchester – “being digital in Manchester”.

Panel Members

1. Moderators: Manoj Ranaweera and Simon Grice
2. Speaker 1: Sam Sethi of Blognation
3. Speaker 2: Paul Fisher of Advent Ventures
4. Speaker 3: To be Announced
5. Company Presentation 1: Yuuguu
6. Company Presentation 2: Sharenow
7. Company Presentation 3: Best pitch from earlier event (excluding edocr and Testcard.TV)


1. eOffice
2. Sun Microsystems
4. ebdex
5. eTribes
6. AMF Ventures
7. Ixis


17:00 arrive for NW StartUp 2.0 DEMO
17:15 to 18:15 Pitching – 3 mins each
18:15 to 18:30 Those who have not registered to attend Mashup* Manchester must vacate by 18:30 latest
18:30 to 19:00 Networking (Beer, Pizza, etc sponsored by Sun Microsystems)
19:00 to 19:10 Northern Launch of Sun StartUp Essential Programme – Stewart Townsend
19:10 to 20:00 Debate on Content 2.0
20:00 to 20:15 Break and Networking
20:15 to 21:45 Company Presentations (10 mins each)
21:00 to 21:15 Vacate premises and move to nearby Bar/Pub


1. £250 worth of vouchers from eOffice – Best pitch
2. i2monline full licensed software – biz card draw
3. Mystery gift from Sanoodi – biz card draw

Media Coverage

1. Vincent Camara of will be there to capture your best moments.
2. Stephen Brauner of Crain Manchester looking for stories for inaugural publication on 17th Dec 07

Your Obligations

1. Enjoy
2. Pay if you attend Mashup* Manchester
3. Impress Southerners
4. Tell others

If you have not registered yet, I suggest you do it right now to avoid missing a great opportunity to mingle with entrepreneurs, deal makers, service providers and investors.

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