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Web 2.0 startups and Crain’s Manchester Business (CMB)


Crain’s Manchester Business was launched yesterday as planned giving a great opportunity to showcase Northern businesses not just to the local audience through both print and web, but also to the world. The CMB is not just limited to mature businesses, but also covers startups regularly. Here is a story titled Where web 2.0 start-ups go to win friends and influence. What is shocking is how fat I have become since joining the startup world at the back end of 2004.

Here is a list of articles that captured my attention:

Above three stories cover companies and individuals I have never heard of. And some of them could be future users of edocr and future attendees of NW StartUp 2.0 Events. For this possibility alone, CMB has already delivered value for me (not to mention my picture appearing in the very first issue, therefore making history!).

If you look closely at CMB, you will also find sections on:

  • Hot Jobs
  • People on the move
  • Rising stars
  • Events

According to blogsphere, this is the first time Crain’s has published outside the USA. CMB has already a workforce of 20 and Publisher, Arthur Porter is looking for more employees. It is also claimed that 15,000 copies have been mailed to business individuals and further 3,000 has been distributed through newsagents via the wholesaler WH Smith.

CMB’s Editor, Stephen Brauner and I intend to extend our collaboration further to give prominence to technology startups in the North. So, if you want your startup to be featured in early next year, make sure you speak to Stephen and/or his colleagues at NW StartUp 2.0 events (once a month from 2008). We will also be collaborating on publishing pages of CMB to edocr to give greater publicity and interactivity to CMB. 

I look forward to the next issue in January 2008.

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