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San Francisco – here comes Manoj

I spent most of last Friday at the US Embassy and happy to report receipt of my passport back yesterday with a new shiny US Visa. I am looking forward to my first visit across the pond. To coincide with webmission08 readiness programme, I also ordered my first Apple computer today (Macbook Pro with 4GB memory). I am looking forward to been less frustrated with my computer from tomorrow onwards. Talking about firsts, today Smith&SmithPR issued our first press release to a selected number of journalists. You can find a copy below:

This is an old picture of the US Embassy in London I picked up from the Internet. If anyone has not applied for a US Business Visa before, but plans to from the UK, here is the process you will face:

  1. Phone the Embassy and secure an interview and pay the fees. Premium rate call charges apply. There is no other way.
  2. Fill on-line application plus supporting application if you are male.
  3. Come 10 minutes before your appointment and join the queue. You cannot queue well in advance (silly me getting there over an hour before) – don’t forget to bring supporting documents – Your mobile can be left at security check-point, but please avoid bringing laptops and large bags
  4. Get a number from the first desk and submit your application when called upon. Try not giving more information than asked on the web site. This will only lead to more checks (as perhaps was in my case).
  5. After a while, you will be called upon for a very short interview.
  6. Pay the secure delivery service for return of your passport. No you cannot collect it from the embassy.
  7. If all above goes according to plan, you should receive your passport on due date with a shiny US visa stamp.

With respect to the US Visit, here are some of the edocr actions I need to progress before 18th:

  1. Transfer all my data and applications to new mac (looking forward to this experience).
  2. Complete business plan – quite a lot more work than I perceived – still at modelling stage
  3. Fill remaining webmission08 free time slots – Looking forward to meeting Om Malik
  4. Complete edocr Version 2 – the development started on the 7th April
  5. Attend DrinkTank organised by Huddle boys – the last piss up before the flight
  6. Get job profile done for edocr Community Manager – ideally find someone for this role

I also realised that I have not blogged recently about e-invoicing which need correcting.

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