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Forthcoming event on the 15th July at KPMG Manchester

I have been running Northern StartUp 2.0 events to promote digital entrepreneurship in the North of UK since October 2006 at the suggestion of TechCrunchUK Editor at the time, Sam Sethi. I am happy to announce that for the first time, the event on 15th July at KPMG Manchester has been oversubscribed. We will also be welcoming our first US Venture Capitalist and will entertain  another prominent London VC (had Paul Fisher and Reshma Sohoni before). This event has also attracted a total of 10 Venture Capitalists (yes, I know, quite unheard of!). At this rate, it is hard to avoid not bumping into a VC (5 to 1).

Unfortunately, Carl Allen cannot be with us, but Hugh Osborn will be there to address any issues on valuation techniques. The theme is valuing your digital startup. If you have not registered but plan to attend, please register now. As the event is oversubscribed, we will only allow those who have registered. To register, create an account at, login and click the link at bottom of event page.

We will also entertain Simon Grice from Mashup Events for the third time. He is also running an excellent event in London on the 17th on enterprise 2.0 which I will be attending. We will also be running an event on enterprise 2.0 later this year and seek speakers as well as demo companies. We are also planning an event on Government 2.0 with Tom Watson, the Cabinet Office Minister who supported Webmission08 (did you know that was the only Northern Company that was selected?). Just waiting for Tom to commit to a date.

Are you using your website to promote your company, products and services? If so, there is another service which could equally be helpful in marketing your company. Why not take a look at Upload your marketing collateral and start generating leads today. It costs nothing but the uploading time. More services will be introduced in the near future. Do get in touch, if you have a query.

If you are running a digital product based startup and based in the North of England, make sure your company is recognised as a Northern Star. You can also blog on the site to promote your digital startup. Private messaging is also possible.

Special thanks to support from Sun Microsystems StartUp Essential Programme. Plus KPMG, who supported us from Day 1. Not to forget eOffice where some of our events are held. Thank you.

Have a great weekend and look forward to meeting you soon.

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