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edocr Product Update – Messaging related to document processing provides two ways to upload your document files, these being, single upload and bulkupload. Bulkupload is currently restricted to 25 document files per upload, but you may use bulkupload as many times as you wish to publish your full document inventory to

We also have an internal tool that allows unlimited number of document files to be uploaded. If you wish us to upload your document files either using bulkupload or internal tool, please contact us today for a quote.

edocr is built with three key components, the front-end (, the document processing engine and storage. When a document file is uploaded, it goes through a set sequence before the processed document is available for distribution and interactivity.

Once a document file is uploaded, edocr creates a flash document page with its unique URL. Until the document is processed, the flash document page will continue to display the message “The flash page is under processing. Please wait.” as shown below.

Whilst the message is displayed, the document page will continue to attract visitors, which edocr tracks and store for 16 weeks. Once the processing is completed, the message will disappear and flash document will be available for view.

Current bulk upload settings alert edocr team when a document takes more than 60 minutes to process. Depending on our resource availability, we can intervene to resolve any issues. If the document is not processed within 720 minutes, the publisher is informed of failure to process. At this point, the document is automatically purged from the queue.

I hope this explanation makes sense and happy to hear any comments you might have.