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Key Objectives for 2010

2009 is fast becoming history. The two week period I wanted to use for thinking seem to be evaporating fast. Blogging is a great way to put you mark on the calendar. Twitter is fine, but you do not control it. I can see more and more people coming back to blog in 2010 whilst using twitter as a mechanism to drive traffic.

So here are my key objectives for 2010 (business and not personal – bit of a blur there!).

1. Grow my ego whilst learning to be humble – Ok! should have said, personal brand.
2. Grow – we may be looking for our first round of external capital in 2010 to speed up growth – this would be to finance number of key positions plus spend on product development
3. Grow Northern StartUp 2.0 to be the organisation that binds all other regional tech, investment and entrepreneurship activities, whilst fostering more tech startups to be establised and helping those committed to achieve growth

Then there are peripheral activities such as:

4. Foresight North – time to deliver or shutup. I am not the driver here, just the facilitator
5. Next Gen – UKIBC – Board Member for NW

2010 year is the year we all need to prove ourselves as the markets start recovering! A great opportunity if we position ourselves to tap into the hungry corporates, ready to do business and exercise spend.

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