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What are 10 marketing strategies for a cash-strapped SaaS company?

Answer by Manoj Ranaweera:

  1. Its good to notice that you are connecting with existing brands such as CC and Mailchimp. Ask them for co-marketing, e.g. listing you on their partner pages, blog post, social media campaign, etc
  2. Explore other products you can integrate with. Unfortunately, I cannot think how you could integrate with us.. mmh there is a long shot opportunity for discussion at a later stage..
  3. Get yourself featured on blogs – they will at least generate twitter noise and if you are lucky some signups
  4. Get a press release out – publish on all those free sites, including us (edocr | edocr)
  5. Use social media – sites like StumbleUpon are still relevant
  6. Find few evangelists who are well known in your domain
  7. Keep plugging!
  8. Speak at events – tech events are great, but consider events where your potential customers are

Be aware, the market is flooded with features like yours – I am sure you may think yours is superior, but it's one of many features that a website admin might have to install, each delivering a specific benefit. At the end, lot of these separate apps cause a nightmare, as your customer has to spend time administering and tinkering to get value…

Having said above, Bufferapp is a feature that seems to work well and now a growing business.

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