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What is the best CRM for companies experiencing growth?


Answer by Manoj Ranaweera:

If you have two salesmen, I would suggest opting for a simple solution rather than Salesforce, which is quite an over kill for a small company (It’s great for larger salesforce).

After paying for Salesforce, we switched to Capsule CRM, which is a simple CRM, which can be configured to manage leads through the nurturing process. It also has a decent integration with Mailchimp, mobile apps and the ability to detect social profiles (not to the same extent as Nimble though but faster than Nimble).

We liked it so much, we ended integrating with it for our growing customer base to export leads whilst prospects are reading documents on edocr | edocr. Check out the integration at Export leads in real-time to CapsuleCRM for lead nurturing and conversion.

CapsuleCRM is also one of the fastest growing CRM companies targeted at SMB market (maximum contacts you can have is limited to 50,000). The CRM market is heavily fragmented with many players entering with different propositions, so I suggest you do some serious research, as this is one of the most important tools you will use to run your business.

By the way, we also have an integration with Salesforce (Export document leads to for lead nurturing), so please do not think I am here trying to bash Salesforce, by any means. In fact, we are big fans of Salesforce and may of its products and services.

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