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8 questions I must know the answers to


Here I am wondering on a Sunday afternoon after a bike ride with Paul whether I have compelling answers to following 8 questions:

  1. Is the product ready?
  2. What is the product?
  3. What benefits does the product bring?
  4. Is it compelling enough for customers to pay for?
  5. Having tried the product, will customers continue to pay?
  6. What else could they spend money on instead buying from us, i.e. what other choices the customers have (alternatives and competitors)?
  7. How do you convince customers that my product will solve their problem better than anyone else could? What if they do not know they have the problem we solve? What if they couldn’t care less about solving the problem?
  8. What else would the customer pay for (upselling)?

What’s bothering you on this Sunday?

As you can guess from above questions, we have not yet commercialised @UnifiedVU. When I can answer above candidly and positively, then we can cross the milestone from initial product development to commercialisation.

Follow up:

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