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Template for a simplified investor pitch deck

I’ve been speaking to Paul Rawlings, a Manchester based tech entrepreneur and Techcelerate Member, quite a lot these days to simplify our story and thought of sharing what we came up with.



  1. Cover slide – logo, who you are and what your business is in one short sentence.
  2. Background – in my case, ran few technology businesses, sold few and had a problem.
  3. MVP – Built the MVP and this is what it looks like.
  4. Solution – This is how it solves the problem, which is better than how it was solved by others before.
  5. Customer development – Found few customers who also had the problem and they love the solution. We improved the MVP with their help and continues to do so.
  6. Market Size – There are others similar to those customers, and this is the size of all of them added, the immediate addressable market.
  7. Go to market strategy – This is how we are going to find them and convince them to subscribe to our product.
  8. Funding – This is how much we need to support our costs for the next 12 months to reach the next milestone, at which point, we will need another round of finance
  9. Spending – This is how we are going to spend the money
  10. Contact Details

Of course, we are going for a much larger market with a comprehensive solution over time, but felt that the story need to be simplified to bare bones to get someone’s attention first. Then, we would need to provide further evidence on various aspects, they request.

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