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Influential Players of Manchester Tech Startup Ecosystem

I just met a chap from Glasgow and spent two hours talking about the Manchester tech ecosystem. He is keen to get to know others, so here goes a list of players, in no particular order and how the tech ecosystem in Manchester was developed.



Before we get going, I have not included tech entrepreneurs and others unless they are involved in the community development. Usually this means running tech entrepreneur events or involved in activities other than simply building their own companies.


From 2,300 strong Techcelerate Community

I still have the assets and wondering what to do. Any ideas?

Politics: The current UKIP Treasurer was then a regular member (before UKIP was formed).  Deputy Leader of Labour party was a past speaker (then Cabinet Minister). 


New blood

Have I missed you? Do let me know please?



The key stages in the evolution of Manchester Ecosystem:

  • Phase 1 (2006 to 2012/13) – Techcelerate
  • Phase 2 (2012 onwards) – Doug Ward and Shaun Gibson with Ben Hookway and Martin Bryant
  • Phase 3 (2015 onwards) – TechNorth: Claire Braithwaite then Richard Gregory and the team. Jonny Cadden. Barclays Rise, KPMG, Dotforge, Ignite 100 and so on…

Special mention goes to Manchester Entrepreneurs Society linked to University of Manchester, some of whom were part of Techcelerate.

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