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Mini #SocMed Strategy for #Linkedin

Nothing scientific, just a collection of recent tweets by me on one page, and bit more added to turn the tweets into a mini strategy. Simply based on my own experiences, and not as a result of reading an award winning Social Media guru’s media.

  1. Linkedin Posts work far better than Linkedin Groups or Articles.
  2. Make sure you do not post until the last Post has gained at least 1000 Views.
  3. Do not post more than once a day. Give time for a Post to gather momentum. But rule (2) prevails.
  4. If a Post is not gaining at least 1000 views in a day or two by itself, start promoting through Direct Messaging to few influencers. You could also post links on Twitter and Facebook.
  5. Influencers do not mean just those who command a large Community. They could be subject experts or interested in the subject matter. They may Like or leave a Comment, which could bring their Community to you.
  6. Use Hashtags but don’t link too many names of your Community. The latter can end up annoying those linked.
  7. Add an image and use a subject line to grab quick attention.
  8. Do respond to comments immediately.
  9. Repurpose where possible. If it’s a really engaging Post, consider creating an Article from it.
  10. Do not limit Posts to what you sell. Alternate between selling and opinion Posts.

Here’s an example of an Opinion Post:

Here’s an example of a Sales Post:

My friend, Ian Brodie also had few valuable insights regarding the two:

That’s it. But love to hear what worked for you on Linkedin and any insights you have drawn from your use of Linkedin.




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