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Catching up with Lisa Layzell

Caught up with Lisa Layzell who seems to be getting prettier unlike me as we both age!

Lisa and I both started out from Sci-Tech Daresbury in 2006 and she was one of the first female Tech Founders of old #Techcelerate and also an Alum of #Alliance Manchester Business School.

We are both back at Daresbury and met to discuss Techcelerate China team.

Lisa exited in 2013 from Thinspace, the same year I stopped old Techcelerate when Hugh Campbell of #GPBullhound acquired #NorthernTechAwards.

Thinspace introduced Thinclient technology to UK. Working with public sector was hard those days for SMEs.

I still remember when Lisa had to sell through Dell (or someone as big as they are) when targeting councils and others like.

Looking forward to catching up soon Lisa!

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