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Reaching clarity of future direction

Originally posted on Linkedin. See the conversation there.

I had an epiphany today.

The next 48 years of my life, I want to dedicate myself in reducing wastage in building tech companies.

I will be 52 this year. One of my grandfathers lived over 100 years. If he could, why can’t I? Anyway, 100 isn’t the point.

I founded my first tech company in 2004, which was a total failure. Ever since then, I have either tinkered with tech companies or been helping them.

  • There’s wastage in building products.
  • There’s wastage in winning customers (sales).
  • There’s wastage in building teams.
  • And then you waste time trying to raise capital.
  • And the majority of what you raise ends up wasted.

And why do companies need to spend 60% of capital raised on paying Google and Facebook for user/customer acquisitions? How the heck did this happen? Or more likely why did the industry allow this to happen?

There are enough problems in all of this, that need solving.

I love tech startups. So why not spend the remaining years of my life trying to fix these problems? I think I was already working on some of the above, but the clarity of what I was doing wasn’t there.

Finally! It only took me 16 years to realise it.