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Still, Confused with Techcelerate?

This post originally appeared on Linkedin.

Disclaimer: This post will not be kept up to date. Best to visit Techcelerate Member web page for full details.

Is Techcelerate still a mystery to you?

We are looking for few more tech startups to join us including female founders. We work with pre-revenue to £1m+

This is what Tech Founders and their startups get:

  • Unlimited access to me
  • Access to Founder Club
  • Access to Growth Club
  • Access to Techcelerate Network Directory
  • Access to Workshops
  • Pitch to Techcelerate Community
  • Priority access to Open Events
  • Discounts to third party Events
  • Free Access to Weekly Investment News (worth £63.84)
  • Free Access to Deal Lite (worth £119.16)
  • Free Access to unlimited free Talent via SkilledUp Life (worth £300)
  • Free Access to Progress Hero (worth £300)
  • Needs Capture
  • Lean Canvas Review
  • Quarterly Reviews
  • Non-Investor Introductions
  • Promotion to Techcelerate Network
  • Promotion via Blog and Social Media Assets
  • Leverage UK Tech Startups Clubhouse channel

Membership fee does not include:

  • CxO Services
  • Partner & Specialist Services

Our companies:
Our partners:
Our specialists:
Discounted tools: